About Us

I'm a dedicated sole proprietor who three years ago combined my personal passion for e-commerce with a mission to improve diabetes management worldwide. Since founding and establishing the PATCHINGA brand, I have continuously launched new products and have already sold over 50,000 products.

I offer high-quality, skin-friendly, waterproof patches and accessories for a variety of CGM sensors such as the Dexcom G6, Freestyle Libre 1, 2, 3, Medtronic Guardian, and Omnipod. I attach great importance to quality, safety and customer satisfaction and rely on carefully selected materials.

As part of the diabetes community, I understand the needs of my customers and constantly work to further develop and optimize my products. My goal is to make everyday life easier for diabetics and to optimize health control with the help of my innovative products.

I am proud of my success and the positive impact PATCHINGA has had on my customers' lives. Join my growing community and discover how PATCHINGA can improve your daily life with diabetes.

Usame Firat

Founder & Owner