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PATCHINGA - plaster for CGM sensors (universal) CGM - plasters, tapes, patches I waterproof - hypoallergenic - breathable I 25 pieces

PATCHINGA - plaster for CGM sensors (universal) CGM - plasters, tapes, patches I waterproof - hypoallergenic - breathable I 25 pieces

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PATCHINGA - Plasters for universal use

High-quality CGM patches for optimal comfort

Specially developed for everyday use using kinesio tapes - also suitable for children

Finally a product specifically for the European market!

? Waterproof - Dries quickly after showering and leaves no marks
? Hypoallergenic - Skin friendly
? breathable - comfortable to wear day & night

Tips to improve adhesion duration:

- The area to be applied should be dry and free from sweat

- Apply the plaster without tension

- Shower after 30 minutes at the earliest

- Cut off any detaching areas close to the skin

- The patches regain their full strength after showering/swimming, a simple dabbing is enough

The shelf life of the sensor tape is 5 - 7 days.

As an experienced retailer, I have made it my hobby to design and develop high-quality products for diabetics. In doing so, I trusted in my many years of expertise in trading CGM sensor patches and accessories and specialized in the European market.

Especially in online trading you can find such patches in heaps either at overpriced prices or inferior quality.

I assure you that my patches are first hand and painstakingly designed and developed.

Best quality - perfect fit > for satisfied customers

I am constantly working on improving my products, any criticism and suggestions for improvement are very welcome.

Quantity: 25 pieces/pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Amelie Tholey

Medtronic Guardian Sensor 3 & 4 Tape - 25er Packung wasserfest und hypoallergen

Matthias Rothe
Alles gut.

Die Heftpflaster erfüllen ihren Zweck.

Thomas Windisch

Je nach Charge halten die Pflaster mal besser oder schlechter ; letztendlich bin ich aber sehr zufrieden

robert green

Die Pflaster halten wirklich was versprochen wird .Sehr hautfreundlich, superbequem zu tragen Die Haltbarkeit stimmt genauso wie die Wasserdichigkeit.
Ein absoluter muss für jeden Pumpenträger.
Die Firma ist sehr kulant und extrem kundenfreundlich!

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